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Many people believe their pets are incapable of inflicting harm. Unfortunately, dog bite attacks that result in serious personal injury to victims are all too common. One Michigan woman, said to be 59 years old, is now left wondering if she will lose her vision in one eye after a terrifying mauling.

She says she was walking by a home she had passed many times before. This time, she sensed the need to look behind her. Two pit bulls that resided on the property had somehow managed to break free from their yard and attacked her. 

The woman struggled to fend off the animals as they bit her about the face. A neighbor heard her and ran to help,  using an object to distract the dogs. The victim was transported to a local hospital before she was transferred to a medical facility that could more effectively treat her severe facial injuries.

The wounds required dozens of stitches. She may even lose one of her eyes due to the damage inflicted. The dogs involved in the attack were turned over to the authorities to be euthanized and tested for communicable diseases. Michigan is a strict liability dog bite state, which means that owners are responsible for any personal injury that their dogs cause as long as the victim did not provoke the attack and was lawfully on the property where the attack occurred. Here, the dogs apparently broke free from their owner's property and attacked the woman on public property, where she had every right to be.

Source: abc12.com, "Flint woman recounts vicious attack from two pit bulls", Cheri Hardmon, Sept. 26, 2017

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