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Michigan trucking accidents claim another life

Just as the majority of the interstates throughout the country carry a heavy load of commercial vehicle traffic, Michigan is no exception. As a result, there is no shortage of serious trucking accidents that often take a terrible toll on lives and property. One recent wreck involved three commercial trucks and took the life of one driver.

Car accidents can occur at any time and often take terrible toll

The vast majority of those who work in the public sector and are charged with the task of keeping Michigan residents safe do an admirable job of performing those duties. Unfortunately, it is possible for them to fail to act in the public's best interest at times. These emergency responders can, at times, cause car accidents in the process of carrying out their duties. One officer is now facing a felony charge for a fatal collision.

Michigan car accidents: Preschool teacher has crushed hip socket

Every day, lives are forever changed by tragedies of all kinds. Car accidents can turn Michigan families upside down and leave lasting injuries and financial damages for years to come. A three-vehicle wreck in Eaton County on Oct. 21 severely injured a popular local educator, and also resulted in injuries to seven other people.

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